Remember me

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It was another quiet Saturday morning. She opens the curtains of her bedroom window, sightlessly looking beyond the view.

When will I see him again?, she mused. It was months since then. Not even a goodbye note or message or call was made.

But there is something amiss. She came home one night to find that the house had been empty. Not a sign of life has been found. She swiped her phone to call, but the call never picked up.

She left him a dozen of voicemails after that.Every evening she would send messages and voicemails, each ending with three words.

Please come home.

Weeks had passed, and his lack of response fit the final nail in the coffin – he’s never coming back.

And she thinks that it’s her fault for not holding on enough. Blinking at the memory, she pulled the curtains shut as the skies beyond turned gray. Not wanting to spoil the day, she opted to go out and indulge.

But the scenery isn’t the one she wanted right now.

Couples streamed in the city square, busy with either squabbling or publicly displaying their affection. Rolling her eyes at their ridiculousness, she settled in a quiet corner of her favorite coffee shop; content on brooding. 

She glances outside the shop window, not minding the ebbs and flows of people milling about outside.

Her friend reminded her once that she should forget him.

“After all, he didn’t even left a note,”her friend would say. Ever the optimist, she didn’t listen, for she hoped that he would turn around, apologize and come back.

She pulled out her phone in a moment’s distraction to check for messages, until she found herself looking at their photo.

His eyes, sparkling as ever, looked at her while she smiled at the camera.

At that instant, her eyes watered, but she dashed it away, afraid others might see.

I wouldn’t be this miserable if he would just had left a note, she thought, smirking slightly. Sipping on her coffee, she mulled over his sudden disappearance. 

She had the right to know, but she feels wrong about it.

But it’s the only way to know that he’s alright.

To know that everything’s okay between them.

To know if he still feels the same.

To tell herself that she’s done nothing wrong.

To prevent herself from drowning in her self-deprecation, she breathed deeply, and willed the fates to let him return to her.

But even then, she accepted the fact that he might never return. Instead, she scanned her phone again and scrolled through their photos. She stared at his photo and mouthed the words he will never hear.

Just remember me.

Hi! This was a songfic challenge as well as my thirty-first(?) entry for my hundred days writing/blogging challenge. Credits to my good friend Typingletter, for she requested the song, and I tried my best on retelling my own take on the song.

As you may have noticed, this story was inspired by Adele’s “Don’t You Remember”. T’was a tearjerker, and I have a predilection towards ballad and mellow songs. 

Although I’m immune to reading novels with tearjerking moments, it really sucks to be the one left behind. 

Nonetheless, I hope I did Adele justice. 😂

So if ever you might want to request a songfic, drop me a song title and will try my best to write one. Thanks for stopping by!


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