Start here - Cross it over multiple times. Worlds collide spellbound and once again separated. Destroy, rebuild it and let it burn so that I will see its ashes embers fading - scattered - floating in the breeze - Hello! I'm currently in between my colleagues and sometimes the evil side of me wants to [...]


Forever single?

Nah. I've been single for the whole twenty-one years of my life. But hey, no big deal for me. Everybody else (in our family) is freaked out that I haven't been sniffing around on men since they claimed that I've been accomplished as a young lady. Yes, I've been attracted, but most of the time [...]


I was watching the rain outside when I keep on reminding myself that everything is not the same Saturday that I'd come to use to. It was on a Saturday that I chose to become a couch potato, that I enjoyed lazy mornings and late-night movie marathons. That I didn't mind skipping meals because sleep [...]