Wake-up call

Photo credits to http://www.prevention.com

Gumising ka na
Gumising ka sa katotohanang
Wala na siya sa tabi mo
Na walang kayo

Gumising ka na
Sa mundong puno ng sakit
Sa mga pangarap na iginapos
Ng masaklap na katotohanan ng buhay

Gumising ka na
Sapagkat ang panahong iyong nasayang sa paghahabol
Ay tapos na
Halika, bumangon ka na

Gumising ka na
At matutong bumitaw
Sa magandang panaginip na hindi matutupad
Sa oras ng iyong paghimlay.

PS: This is my first time to post something in my mother tongue (I’m from the Philippines, in case y’all want to know hahaha) to follow up the challenge. But I don’t know if I could post all of what I’ve written in my little notebook because I’ve been writing things in them hahahaha. Nonetheless, I’m very happy to try something to keep me inspired lol.

I dedicate this poem to all those people who have been constantly disappointed by people whom they trusted, loved as well as life itself. It’ll serve as a wakeup call to me from my disenchantment since I’ve been this cynical woman my mother claims to see.

Nonetheless, let the words speak the thoughts trapped in one’s mind. Enjoy reading! 🙂


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