Dog days

It was a stormy night when you first showed up on the door. I gasped, picked you up, and let you inside. I took a good look at you. You were little, head bowed and shivering so hard that you won't let go of the old blanket I'd put you in it, your silent tears [...]



Indomitable eyes? Check. Petulant mood? Check. Scrawny face and arms crossed? Check. Adulthood is okay, they said. It'll be fun, they said. That's basically me at the moment. I dunno if I have bypassed Maslow's third hierarchy and return to reclaim it but I can't stand my own childishness. The way that I sulked in [...]

Wake-up call

Gumising ka na Gumising ka sa katotohanang Wala na siya sa tabi mo Na walang kayo Gumising ka na Sa mundong puno ng sakit Sa mga pangarap na iginapos Ng masaklap na katotohanan ng buhay Gumising ka na Sapagkat ang panahong iyong nasayang sa paghahabol Ay tapos na Halika, bumangon ka na Gumising ka na [...]

Night owl

I'm writing this on the verge of opening another (work)week so I'm blaming my neurons and sugar rush for staying up late (since I drank too much carbonated drinks hahaha). So I was supposed to sleep early but my brain doesn't want me to sleep. I don't get why my brain would choose to activate [...]


Her smile was bright Enough to fool others But the light In her eyes Were forever dulled By the shadows Of uncertainty. Postscript: One of my rainy day poetry (too much of melancholic poetry) since I realized that I'm trying to squeeze myself into something/someone that I'm not. I guess the poem's pretty much covered [...]


two lovers separated by circumstance crossed a universe of loneliness bridged by magpies bonds of love and promises closing the gap forged a vow to meet once again. Postscript: Today's entry (am still continuing on my One Hundred Days challenge mwahahaha) is all about the famous star-crossed lovers Altair and Vega since July 7 is [...]