Letter to my best friend

To the you who read this (or not),

I apologize beforehand of my melodramatic crap. It seems that you tolerated my attitude when we were younger, telling me that it’s alright because I’m not alone.

But the seasons have changed. Not all people stay the same.

So are you.
So am I.

I remember the last time when I received your message, but I felt like it’s all small talk. Our conversations picked up where we left at – a few weeks interval. Sometimes one of us would reply, other times, none at all.

I can’t help but to notice that. But I won’t blame you for anything. Besides, you were busy with your life. I’m with my own. Occasionally we would talk, we would meet, but there’s an inevitable silence that ensue every conversation.

I won’t lie if I said that I don’t miss it – those deep talks, blabbers, random nothings, chest-heaving laughter, hugs, etc. – because it feels like it’s lonelier than ever.

For some time now, we have this bridge that connects us. Now, I don’t know if there are still remnants, or if I was just a wisp in your adolescent-turning-to-adulthood memory.

But don’t worry. Like I said, I won’t rant, nor blame you. I just wanted to thank you for everything. No, I won’t exchange it for anything, I just wanted to delve into my walk down memory lane moment before I face the harsh world of reality. It’s just that I just missed you.

I missed everything. Period.

So by the time you’re done reading this, I may be washing my sorrows with a cone of ice cream or reading another novel. Just like those times you saw me whenever I sulk or brood.

Until then, I wish you the best in life, and I hope we’ll meet again. My line is always open whenever you need someone to talk to.

Your friend from the other side (lol)

A/N: My thoughts bared on my nineteenth entry out of a hundred. I just missed the company of my bestfriend/s in secondary and college. But alas, the world doesn’t spin backwards. But on a lighter side, maybe our paths will cross again.

Will post another as soon as my brain drains its rain full of pain (HAHA)
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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