She, the queen

She bears scars
That others would’ve hide
She wears them
As would warriors with pride

She might’ve stumbled
But she always fix her crown
She would wear a smile
Even when the world turned her down

She chose to dance with danger
Than stand and fall in line
In pain and anger she mustered
Her face saying she is fine

Her heart may have been shattered
But she would keep calm and fix it
She might’ve been exhausted
But she would always find a way to deal with it

The world may turn its tides
But her head will always be held up high
For she is queen, mistress of her life
Her existence a fire, eternally blazing bright

I was reading a novel when this sprang in my head a few minutes ago, inspired as I was with royalties. We would cry, we could get our hearts broken, we could have our worlds shaken, but we still smile, keep our crowns and smile like it never happened. I hope you enjoy this sixteenth entry :)👸


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