Rite of passage

A year ago, I became a college graduate (another statistic to the unemployed community), blindly navigating the waters of adulthood. I almost wished that I have a built-in GPS with me so I know where I’m going.

Luckily I landed a job and until now I’m still grateful for that. But I would be lying if I said that adulthood is just a walk in the park. Is this the part where I’d say it sucks? Yep. Damn straight.

Subjectively speaking, it was a trip to a neverending emotional rollercoaster. I was euphoric one moment, deflated on the other. I keep on ranting, but paradoxically, I keep on doing it. Funnily enough, I tried to put on my game face even though I’m at my breaking point.

I was at the point where I am at a loss on whether I follow my bosses or just go with my instincts; moments where I have to make snap decisions that will either make or break me; times where I almost unleash the child inside and be selfish (for five minutes). I was at a point where I was being the mature one in our family but all I wanted to do is to run to my parents.

But all of us have our battles to conquer, many speedbumps to encounter, and many lessons to learn. Nonetheless, I’ll just have to do things or die trying.

Moments in which are enlightening, thrilling or painful are considered rite of passage; but memorable all the same.

It’s like you have to thrive in a quicksand in order to come out alive (lol); a blank notebook when you are sieged by ideas, filtered only with harsh realities and setbacks. A window fogged with tears, breaths of frustration; a wall covered with wilted flowers only to be replaced in spring.

Adulthood is one milestone that I had expected but came unprepared. Ironic, yes? But that is life – it is unexpected. You just have to stay as you are in order not to be drowned in the sea of mediocrity. You don’t have to have a good academic standing or a medal just to achieve greatness.

Afterall, there is more to life in adulthood. It’s just the beginning.

Realtalk on my fifteenth entry? Heck yes! Sometimes I’d like to rant about what’s happening in my life right now since my parents/peers half-expected me to suck it up. But all of us are like glasses, we do have our own volumes. 😂

I do hope you enjoy reading as I spout more of my self-imposed blog (lol). More entries to come! As of now, stay safe everyone 😂

– A


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