Twisted metaphors

I was busy wondering what I would name my blog, because honestly, I don’t have the slightest idea that I would create my own.

I was at a time where I am at a loss, desperate to find a way to spew off my bitterness, and where a friend of mine would occasionally tell that writing can blow off some steam. It so happens that I also thought that writing in a notebook isn’t enough, I decided to give it a shot.

So cutting the story short, I started this blog out of desperation and curiosity, knowing that the writer soul in me would find solace in the embrace of words and paragraphs, and would thrive in a digital environment.

And so I opened an account, and caught me off-guard when it prompted me to supply a blog name.


I was known by my wry (if not twisted) sense of humor, coupled with moments where I would spout out metaphors to compare life to other inconsequential things.

And being the psych major that I am, sometimes people would find my thoughts twisted in a way that I (my family and my friends) only understood. But just so you know, I was constantly told not to twist metaphors, but I was like a mule.

And that is how twisted metaphors is born.

In case some would wonder why I named my baby (this blog) the way I used to. Believe me, I’ve tried so many titles but only to be prompted that it’s already used. I knew this should be in my About section, but I can’t help it HAHA

Anyways, let me share you some short history of my blog. She’s already a year old and I hope she will grow with me. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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