Take a break

I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed my seven months working. Let’s face it, we all have those moments that you just wished to be absent on that day.

Sometimes, I wondered if I ever have a day where I could scream “go screw yourselves” to people who (inobrtusively, in their own way) give me hell.

There are also moments where all I want to do is to sleep like the dead and no matter how long I slept, I still get exhausted.

Some might say I’m on the brink of burnout. Honestly, I am. All I wanted to do is to call sick. For a week. No, scratch that, for four weeks. I need to take a break from all those drama, hijinks and whatnot.

To who, what and when do I owe the title?

1. Powertrippers. The name says it all. Need I say more?

2. Random people who question my personal life. Be it from my career choices, career advancement options to my freaking zero lovelife. I’m tired of being the receiver of incessant unsolicited advices. I get tired of those manufactured facial expressions of mediocrity. And when I say I’m tired, I’ll let their mouths froth until they can’t say anything anymore.

3. To the times where I lost myself in the process of (RE)establishing myself. Perhaps this would be the time where I could say have to let things go and accept that I can’t be perfect (at least, for a while). For the past seven months, all I’ve ever done is what my job description demands me to do. I’ve tried to keep up things, but the simple joys of doing it has lost its luster. I’ll just have to take a break, and try again.

4. Self-guilt. Part of the reason why I wanted to take a break is because I’m laying my self-imposed guilt trip for trying so hard for the things that I know that I’ll never deserve. So kudos to myself for being an occasional martyr-slash-jerk.

See you around, world. Next time we’ll meet, I’ll be ready.

Note: I am constantly trying (not to be trying hard, I suppose) to write this straight but distractions are getting out of hand. My thoughts bared on my thirteenth entry, and I apologize for the hiatus! 😭

Nowadays, I’ve been saving my downtime writing, reviewing and whatnot to prep for whatever it is to come.

Nevertheless, I’ll try to catch up as much as I can. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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