Freeverse love song

I want to fall in
Your arms forever
Knowing I’ll be safe
And drown into
The eternity of your eyes
That spoke too deeply
Into the depths of my soul
I want to paint my colors
Along on your skin
And watch as it unravels
Making it a masterpiece
I want to chase the stars
Stare at the moon
Looking in your universe
I know I’ll get lost in there.
I want to swim
Into the still waters
Of your feelings
Knowing your love runs deep
To bask in your light

My poetic twelfth entryyy! It’s been a long time since I wrote poems about love, seriously speaking. I was writing poems in my second year in high school, eventually diminished as I set my priorities straight.

I know it sounds cheesy, but my poetic side unleashes its head once again (lol). Enjoy reading! 🙂


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