Controlfreak-ing out loud.

Sometimes, I am at my wit’s end. Not because I am partly warfreak (as I was known to the persons close to me), but because I got angry when I have no sense of control.

Yeah, I may sound like everybody else’s book hero out there but is it normal to lose temper when you think/see/feel that control is seeping out from your fingers?

You may call me a control freak. Yes, I do have an inclination to have control, I tend to be annoyed, panicked or some sort when things are out of it. Of all things, I have a tendency to control my own time, since my mother drummed to my head that time’s the most precious commodity, I equated time to control.

I do things in my own pace, I write down or do reports when I have time; I do have my bouts of procrastinating since I wanted to control time, but overall, I tried my best to stifle my tendencies for the sake of harmony.

Some people, circumstances, events bring out the best and worst in me. Since silence is one of my lesser evils, I just have to herd my other side so that my tendencies to control my or everybody else’s time.

Aaand this one is out. I apologize for the temporary hiatus bc the internet connection’s rearing its ugly head for the past few days. I was so annoyed I almost threw the poor modem out of the window HAHA.

Will continue my one hundred days once I’m in my equilibrium. I wrote this down when one of my friends tackled about our inner demons as part of our psyche. And being the psycho(logist) that I am, I thought about this. What a dawning realization. 😂

I hope you enjoyed reading! Arriverderci! 😂


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