All this heat is making me lethargic, that’s what I’ve always thought when summer comes.

And even if I move or not, all this heat is making me sweat. And agitated.

Most of the time I’ve preferred sleeping in rather than be scorched under the sun’s glare. My parents would think that I’m drowning in my personal Hell.

I would retort by saying “It’s just a hands-on practice, I swear.” and go back to whatever I’m doing. They would always drag me along, doing chores, tagging me along their company outings, whatever.

The child in me wants to soak up in the cool waters, diving in childish glee, but now even resorts have warm (take note of the word WARM) swimming pools in which I would not dare the cause.

Heck, I have standards. From a scale of airconditioned rooms to stale public resorts, I would’ve preferred night swimming by the sea. I experienced that kind of peace when I was a child, and I would love to recreate that moment. I would love to look at the edge of the Milky Way while floating gently in the cool waves of the sea.

Or I would love to lay back at the sand as the waves crash, leaving me sputtering but happy.

Alas, the summer heat snags my attention back at the present.

Still, I’d be lazy as heck.

My thoughts bared on the tenth entry! Hahaha am sorry for the blabbering, the summer heat’s making me stupid and lazy. Nonetheless, I’d be cooling myself off with a liter of cold water and ventilation systems.

Happy summer! 😂


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