A Heavenly View

Photo not mine šŸ™‚

Her joy of watching the night sky was very fascinating to watch, he thought as he looked on at her face.

One late summer night he invited her to go stargazing, since they don’t have much to do. Unexpectedly, she agrees.

It’s one of my childhood hobbies, she explained.

As she smiled and gazed her fill at the stars, he looked at her and thought about the beautiful woman beside him. The times they’ve been together, the times she exuded the same gentleness and compassion.

He snorted, thinking that he’d gone sappy at the mere thought.

“What was that?” She asked.
He shook his head, smiling.

They’ve set up his telescope, looked at the stars and planets; and now they lay, watching the universe with their eyes. At this point, it was past midnight, and the winds have begun to cool.

Suspicious, she raised an eyebrow, but ignored his reaction by shaking her head and continue to stare at the sky.

And he continued to look at her.

I cannot help myself making short songfics *laughs* but anyways thank you for putting up with my quirks 😂😂

This is inspired from Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars (yet another song inspiration bless them hahaha) and yes, will continue to dabble into more genres than ever. Hahaha anyways, this is the ninth out of a hundred entry. I hoped you enjoy reading! šŸ™‚


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