She wondered why so many fall, but choose to fall than to stay afloat.

He would explain that he, she, and everybody else have their own orbits. But sometimes being on their own orbits can get tiring.

She would wonder why.

He answered that one gets tired of being alone in their orbit, that’s why some force collide them with others. And if they collide, that force is great enough to pull the two together.

And what is that force? She asked.

Simple. It’s love. He answered, smiling.

Ta-daaaa. 😂 Another short songfic and I can’t even explain why I am inspired to write stories behind the songs I listen 😂

By the way, the story was inspired from yet another song by Coldplay (so much for being a Coldplay fan hahahaha), but I’ll try to keep up with other songs.

Maybe I’ll try to explore on writing JPop songfics, for one. *fingers crossed*
Nonetheless, I hoped you enjoy my eighth entry! Ciao! 😄


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