He was staring at an old photograph, while the snow cocooned his apartment and his world.

Remembering the last time he saw her, she was smiling, kissing him goodbye. He kissed her again when she went out of the door, waving.

Two years had passed, and a familiar feeling fluttered over his chest. He breathed deeply, closed his eyes and opened them. He continued to stare at the photograph in his hands, taking him back to memories that are beautiful and painful.

He went out, dragging his feet on the cold concrete when he chanced upon a couple kissing at a corner. He remembered again. Shaking his head, he trudged forward.

As much as he wanted to move, his heart couldn’t. He couldn’t even bring himself forward.

Just as tears lashed down from his eyes.

He still remembered the way she looked at him.

The way she smiled.

The way they danced.

The day they argued and made up.

The day that they made a promise that would never break them apart.

And the last day that she saw him, all warmth and love.

The tenderness of it made his heart clench. He could remember clearly what had happened after.

It was usual for him to her showing up late, since her job demanded time and concentration, but she always make up by calling him, even sending him messages.

But fate had other plans.

That night, he never received a single call, much less of a message. He sent her multiple messages, called her a thousand times only to hang up because the call never picked up.

He waited.

A few hours later, a knock came through his door. Agitated, he opened it.

But it wasn’t what he wanted to see.

Bewildered, he let them in was being informed by the police that an accident has occured in a street not far from his apartment.

They showed a picture, some belongings, and his world has shifted drastically.

She was in the picture.

Shaken, he stared blankly. The policemen offered an explanation that her car was totally damaged that they took special care to salvage her belongings.

It was snowing badly, that the roads got dangerous to drive on.

Blinking at the memory, he wiped his face and stared up to the night sky. He could still remember her voice telling him to make his promise. He smiled.

Will you still wait for me?


Yay! The seventh out of a hundred! So far so good. *laughs* I can’t believe I’m writing short songfics for two straight days. But since the moment kicks in, I can’t help but to create a scenery and type it as I go.

As you noticed (again), this story is inspired by Coldplay’s “Always in My Head” from their album Ghost Stories. I wanted somehow a positive story, but my melancholic side of me never relents 😭

Anyways, I hope you like it! Enjoy reading!

– A


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