One-man army

Ever since A Head Full of Dreams came out, I first listened to the eighth track “Army of One” since the title catches my attention.

A Head Full of Dreams album cover

By the way, A Head Full of Dreams is Coldplay’s latest album. I won’t say that this could be the last because I am hoping for more. Lol

As I was saying, I was trying to figure out the overall mood of the album but Army of One has successfully tugged my heartstrings. I’ll just write a few sentences because I’m afraid I’ll blabber throughout.

And it goes like this. Drumroll please. 😂

The song is not-your-typical-but-could-be love song. It tackles about the singer trying to win the song’s muse’s affection (from poetically traveling all over the world/universe). One thing is for sure: he puts his heart in the line for everything.

There. I managed NOT to cry as I write bec I am a sucker for love songs, love stories (with happy endings, of course) hahaha now that the lyrics have sunk in my system.

I’ll just try to extricate myself from all this pile of lovestruck goo. 😂

PS: 4 out of a hundred! Hahaha will post everything that seems normal yet extraordinary. Please enjoy this teeny review about Coldplay’s album. You can listen to it on iTunes or YouTube. Laters!



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