For the love of meows

Anyone could be a crazy cat lady. Not if you are keeping virtual cats in your virtual yard.

I am not much of a cat person, but I was inexplicably, indelibly hooked with Hit-Point’s million-player collecting game named Neko Atsume.

This game is originally Japanese, but due to its fame the developers (bless their kind hearts) updated the game in English.

True to its name, the game is literally a game of collecting cats. 😂 You leave goodies or toys and leave the game once in a while so that cats could be lured in your yard.


The good thing about this game is not only the fact that it’s addicting, but it is casual. Like you can close the app and wait for the cats to come. Once they are happy, they will leave fishes (either plain or gold depending on the goodies) or other surprises.

The latest update of this game includes a new set of cats (common and rare), new set of goodies, and you can purchase wallpapers by tapping the Gallery icon in the Shop icon. Need I say more? 😂

Cats galore!

I have to go before Tubbs eats all the food. 😂

PS: I kept my promises (HAHAHA) but please bear with my random snippets of my day. I decided to write about the game I’m currently playing since I need to take a breather lol. Enjoy!



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