On being a Psych major

“You are a psych major, so you have to understand to those people who don’t know.”

“You’re a psych major, so you have to be objective.”

That line goes on and on and on. I’ve heard that gazillion times already.

And the ever-present cliché?

“You’re a Psych major, right? You’re reading my mind as I talk, aren’t you?”

Over and over my patience was tested. Over and over I explained the difference of Psychology to other metaphysical matters. And just like always, they still don’t get it.

And when my temper rises, they would always chide me for not being understanding. They would say that I have to be patient.

For those who do not know: psych majors are human beings like most people. We can be easily riled, we sometimes label people (for the purpose of helping them), we also commit errors. Sometimes we can be overruled by our emotions. We have our pasts and imperfections, but nonetheless we are trying our best to help people.

And most of all:

We are not mind readers. We study minds, but not read them.

Note: Day two of one hundred days of blogging. But I have to resched my day three and four bec. of stupid internet connection interruptions. 😒 But nevertheless, brace yourselves: randomness crap are coming. 😂

– A


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