This content is purely subjective. Please don’t kill the writer.

photo not mine

I came across with my Facebook feeds, spitting out dichotomies between ignorance and hypocrisy, issues borne after a particular issue. As I scroll down (to get my mind and eyes off the topic); the more I see, the more I get mad.

I don’t know if I am that sensitive enough or annoyed enough to disable the poor app in my phone.

Whenever some issue/s erupt, or whenever my colleagues talk about something (I think is trivial), I got my “who-the-hell-cares” gameface and move on with the usual ebbs and flows of my life. Yes, I sometimes comment, but I will leave it like that. No more spouting nonsense.

There are times when I wonder what the heck is wrong with me just because I avoid talking about some random things; I zone out when they talk about things that I can’t comprehend. I am pokerfaced when they wanted a reaction.

Others comment that I am aloof. Others say I’m an airhead.

Is indifference a crime against humanity?

Huh. Who cares. I don’t. Maybe when I finish this you’ll wonder, “Why do I even bother reading this?”

Well anyways, I may be a tad indifferent. Indifferent in a way that I cannot believe such a (stupid) thing would occur. In a way that I’ll be deadpan when they ask me about trivialities.

Perhaps I am indifferent in a way that I get tired with same events/contexts that happen everyday. I get bored with small talks because it’s so darned obvious, but I do get interested with substantial matters.

And for the largest landmine: I get annoyed easily with the shallow-minded. So I just deflect with a single word: Wow.

And so ladies and gents, this has brought to you by a person who is tired and suffocated by shallowness and triviality. Don’t blame me for my deadpan looks or my sarcastic comments.

It’s just a part of my indifference.


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