Stuck in words

After college, I tried to reclaim one of my fave activities which is writing. I ended up with a crumpled paper and a headache. I am in a miserable position when I am required to express thoughts into print in vain. Subjectively, I start with something decent and eventually screwing up when capping off some … Continue reading Stuck in words


Ode to twenty-one

Break the ice Of doubt and shame Write the walls With hopes aflame; Let lights guide And birds take flight It is now time To step into the light. Color the grays Into vibrant shades Open the skies Of sorrow and despair And let the thunder Crack them all away. Starting now Don't be afraid … Continue reading Ode to twenty-one


Shattered glass pieces Scattered at the floor I stood, picked it up And got pricked though. I stared, red globes drop along with hot wet salt blurring my vision on my fractured reflection. Time has passed the red globes ran dry but one cannot retain The shattered self inside. photo not mine.