This is a representation of my career advancement conflicts that I cannot find time to solve at this moment.

Having graduated from a versatile course, I have a multitude of career choices to choose from. Subjectively speaking, the ambitious side of me wanted to explore these three.

The real problem I have THREE unanimous real problems presented. One was when I am filling up the graduate school application forms. I was confronted by the harsh truth that I must really concentrate on a single field, let repercussions be damned. Until now I haven’t come up with additional reasons as to why I wanted to pursue my chosen field.

The other dilemma is that the idea of entering medical school is enticing, (with other institutions presenting scholarships and whatnot) however; I have been swamped by my ever-present anxious persona. I have been hesitating to take up medical admissions examinations, instincts telling me that now is not the time.

And knowing that some of my acquaintances are struggling to keep up with the demands of med school, I keep asking myself if my heart and soul is strong enough to tide myself over med school.

Understanding that med school isn’t just a walk in the park, I kept my reluctance but the idea isn’t bad that I’ll run and hide.

The last thing: Law School. I once dreamed of becoming a lawyer when I was a child, became a siren call when I was studying units of Political Science for my degree. Upon watching shows and news, my ever-present pessimist reared its ugly head, taunting me that I can’t do it because law students have grit and determination even when morality is in question.

People say that I can take it all, given that I am still young and have a long way to go but it’s taking its toll. I just don’t know how to articulate it so I drew. Somehow I am hoping for the one, the one I am ready to deal with.


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