On chasing rainbows and storms

I consider music as part of my life. Not only it serves as emotional outlets, but music sometimes speak for the unspoken feelings.

Let me show you the other side of my persona.

I once was this high schooler when I came across with a Japanese boyband in which my high school friend had familiarized me with. In the end, I was hooked – or baited – in other words.

My fandom ranges from JPop female singers (Utada Hikaru, per se) to KPop boy groups to fictional OTPs (One True Pairing – fangirl speak) and to onscreen loveteams – but I still go back to my original fandom which is Arashi.

If you want to know more about this group, then let Google regale you with its overflowing search results.


These five boys, er men, are the reasons I have given in to the exploration of my fangirl persona. 😂😂😂 I started to ship (fangirl-speak of love) them when I was in my second year; went idle when I entered college, but my fangirl side never backs off.

These men have been in the industry for sixteen years (AND COUNTING!). They have made chart-topping hits, countless episodes of hosting and drama stints, and still, they figuratively lived up to their name.


Being the customary fangirl, I already staked my claim on them. I tried my best to keep up with the fandom (listening to their singles, albums, watching their concerts, variety shows, drama/movies, EVEN READING SOME FAN FICTIONS) but dire circumstances (cost of merchandise, stupid internet connection, stupid copyrights!!!!) keep on coming. *bangs head* 😭

Nonetheless, I am continuously struggling on downloading their music videos, laughing my head off in front of my computer screen watching their antics, shipping some of their notorious pairings, even going gaga on movie portrayals, ad commercials, and drama specials.

One could say that I am avid when it comes to Arashi. Avid is a simple word to describe my fandom, but it doesn’t end there. Need I say more?

I am hoping that I could share this to anyone (even to my almost-non-existent-concept of future child), so that I am not only a fictional nerd, but a hapless fan who continues to ship and support them from afar. 🌈


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