Hey Jude

I am aware that the title of my entry coincides with The Beatles’ song; but I am relating this song in a sense.

I am not that religious, but I do believe that miracles happen, and one of the greatest just happened months ago.

When I happened to become a hopeless case of pre-board exam anxiety, I sought to find some temporary alleviation from all the stress, worries and depression that I can handle. I delved into my fangirl side, booknerd side, but… I sensed that it didn’t help.

One Sunday morning my mother and I heard mass, and that the officiating priest announced that there is a special Mass for the Board Exam takers. As a hopeful – with a tremendous encouragement from my ever-supportive-slash-religious mother – I attended, regardless of the fact that I have already heard one.

Another case, we (with my dad this time) went to Pangasinan to offer prayers and wishes to the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. I even raised my pencils and Notice of Admission for the hopes that I will pass, and then a devotee approached me. Long story short, she told me to go to the St. Jude Chapel in Manila.

“It’s effective,” she adds.

And as a hopeful, I even dragged my father to explore the streets of Arlegui and Mendiola. I am aware that St. Jude Thaddeus is the patron saint of the impossible cases.

Which I can relate to my case: I was really overanxious that I almost think that passing is impossible.

And days before the dreaded exam, we went to St. Jude Chapel to pray, that was the moment I felt an overflow of emotion.

What I felt is beyond explanation.

So when the day of exam came, I recalled a gazillion of reminders my parents told me.

I didn’t forget to pray before the exam.
I even called St. Therese and St. Jude; as well as all saints that I know when the going gets tough.

After those two days of struggle, I finally emerged, feeling victorious and jittery at the same time.

I counted the days, and the wait is grueling.

I even became hysterical when the results are out.

And now, I am not only forever thankful to God and to the saints who helped me, I am also thankful to the one who acted as the Good Samaritan in times of distress, because without them, I wouldn’t be here.

Just as The Script had sang, you won’t find faith and hope down the telescope. You have to have faith and determination. And in the end, you will end up victorious.

PS: Song and lyric not mine.


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