Self-destruction 101

First, focus on your failures.
Add a dash of disappointments, and a pinch of envy.
Turn your hopes into wishful thinking.

Eat a lot.
Sleep a lot.
Drink a lot.

Turn your face into a scowl.

Then you will realize everything’s falling apart.
Start to think.
Start to feel regret.
Start to withdraw.
And forget the fact that some things are still worth fighting for.

Build barriers.

Shut down your emotions.

Wallow yourself in guilt.

If you realize that you’re starting to feel hopeless,
Make a noose out of your frustrations
Tie them and make a knot
Wrap it around the pain in your chest.
And tighten it to the end.

Just when you think that it’s finished,
Cut the rope with anxiety
Make a wreath of agony
Tie them together with desperation.

Lastly, let it fall and drown in a river of tears.


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