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Contrary to what the title is, my head is bursting with ideas; but inappropriate for this post.

I have been writing poems for the last few days, and I confess that there’s not much inspiration for writing prose…or maybe not.

I have been busy (or not?) within these past few days relegating myself to adjust within the four walls of my new environment which is a state college nearby our house. But am fessing my work records bec. I LITERALLY AM NOT DOING ANYTHING. HAHAHA

To keep myself preoccupied, I am playing offline/online games, doodling; even cross-reading between a Psychology textbook and an urban romance novel. Talk about being a multitasker; and that is how my eyesight’s been improving. 😶

As I go along, sudden impressions, ideas ran thru my mind, making my hands itch to write. But my brain always leaves me whenever I attempt to put thoughts into words.

But the bottomline of this post is that I am having a writer’s block. Poor me. I have SO MANY ideas but I don’t have a slightest inclination as to where I should start.


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