I tried


A/N: photo NOT mine.

I tried to paint my blank canvas of my own
So that I can become a myriad of colors
Hues that intertwine between, shades that have flown
Over those hues of sadness that rigs and blurs

I tried to bring back stars in the sky,
For I have plucked them and set it afire.
So that the stars might bring me back to the time that them I have admired.
Over the times that dark nights deluged and made me tire.

I tried to cover up my measly sight
For I am tired to see things go wrong.
In darkness I wished to see the light
And in this light I had wished that rightness belong.

And in trying I have failed
For sadness, darkness and mistakes always appear.
I tried to have them balanced
Some of which I wanted to disappear.

And in trying I have failed
But I guess that the balance is not always scaled.
For some things, I’ve realized
That all things considered, I’m glad that I have fared.


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