A Sky Full of Bacon


Author’s Note:

I came across with Boredom and Creativity in the hallways of my mind and suddenly, the idea of combining food and poetry and song puns are my challenges, so here it is.

Please excuse my lame poetic instruments. Hahaha

– A.

A Sky Full of Bacon

There was a girl
Who dreams nothing
But bacon strips,
Muffins and sunny side up eggs.

Everywhere she goes,
She thinks everything is a bacon
No matter how many times
People tell it’s her imagination.

Or just a craving, she mused.
But to the heavens she screamed.
“If you can’t give us the stars,
Might as well give us bacon and bacon bars!”

As if the heavens have heard
Clouds burst and thunders rolled
Instead of fat droplets
Bacon strips and maple syrup dropped in goblets.

She gasped, and widely she smiled
And jumped up and down in glee.
Not only because the clouds turn red
But because bacons drop and stars flee.

Hi! I’m reposting this baby bc this was set in private a few months ago, where I was too shy to set my¬†wordpress in public¬†– so I guess this is a throwback post. Thanks for hanging out, as always!


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