Shades of gray

Author’s note:

Forgive the juvenile style of poetry. I’ve caught a flu and it seems that the flu has also taken over my brain. Typingletter gave me a few lines to start this poem though.

Anyways, I was just running out of ideas since I got sick. My right hemisphere will be back for a few days. Without further ado, here it is!

Before you met my eyes,
All that can be seen are rainbows.
After I met your eyes,
All that can be seen are shadows.

Those perfect shadows you threw over
Those vivid arches of rainbows I’ve made.
It took me time to tide myself over,
Tell me, how can I be able to get myself re-made?

Funny how it seems,
That all I ever wanted is perfection.
But it all shattered down the seams
Once I read in your eyes, a contradiction.

Tell me how to get this done,
Because I can’t stand it anymore.
Those rainbows I created are long gone
By those eyes of yours that shadowed mine forevermore.

How can I waste this love away
Into those pits of yours, into those shades of gray?
How can I lead you away
When all you’ve wanted was to drive me astray?


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