On introversion

Having company is nice, but sometimes being alone is even better.

Growing up in an authoritative environment, I was taught, I played, and I learned to find comfort inside the four corners of our home. I also discovered the perks of living in my own world.

So now, you can consider me an introvert.

As an introvert, I don’t have troubles interacting with people, but having a company on longer periods stifle me. Sometimes I have to make excuses in order not to feel crowded.

A lot of times I am trapped in a socially awkward situation where all I would do is to lurk in the shadows and people-watch. Oftentimes I would just space out until others would take the cue and leave me – in my own idiosyncrasies.

I can be considered a wallflower, but I’m not much of it. It’s just that I wanted to know people. Just one person at a time. I don’t do well on large groups, I get anxious when doing public speaking, I get awkward when meeting new people.

That is why sometimes I prefer solitude over socialization, reading (or writing) instead of partying, sleeping over some inebriated episodes.

Sometimes my behavior is constantly misjudged. From being snobbish to being accused of witchcraft (Yes, I was accused by shallow people, no offense), I get shunned and picked at. But hey, it happens, right?

Now that I’m in my early adulthood, I just prefer to do things in my own pace. Ironic it seems, but I earned a degree where I occasionally have to deal with people. But as others would love to say, bring it on.

But then again, I just love being an introvert.


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