Shades of gray

Author's note: Forgive the juvenile style of poetry. I've caught a flu and it seems that the flu has also taken over my brain. Typingletter gave me a few lines to start this poem though. Anyways, I was just running out of ideas since I got sick. My right hemisphere will be back for a [...]



Unfathomable lights swirl around his dark eyes as I try to stare him down. Even in his worst I find it appealing. For once, I thought it sparked. Or I guess it's wishful thinking. I feel deeply unsettled. What theĀ hell is he thinking? Damn it. As I try to uncover his secrets, he suddenly turned [...]


Seems half of the life I've wasted Deafened by the echoes of silence Dulled by the bluntness of hatred Burned by the embers of violence Standing, I wondered, If anything seems to be worth it To all those quests I've conquered, Those days of darkness that I've forced up to lit. And so it came, [...]